attached means identity
I’ve had a good week

emotionally, but as for sticking to my goals, it’s been a disaster.

I’ve realized that I need to up my calories to keep my strength up and I also need to increase my intensity/duration of my workouts. I’ve basically lost focus but I’ve got some things lined up so I should be good tomorrow.

I’ve also started running. Not much at a time, but it’s a start! :D When this heat wave breaks (seriously guys, 106 today), I’m going to run outside instead of on the treadmill. That thing terrifies me. lol

So tomorrow, I’m eating around 1800 calories, logging everything, doing at least 2 if not 4 Blogilates abs videos, and running/walking for at least 30 minutes.


Goals for the Summer

1. Rock hard body!!! Duh! ;)

2. Thoroughly enjoy the beginning of our 5th year together. Not that that will be hard hehe.

3. Take one photo that I can drool over as I make an extra large print of it.

4. Clean my house top to muthafurkin bottom!

5. Learn “You Said You Loved Me” by Chiodos on the piano. The whole song.

6. Draw two figure drawings, one man and one woman, that I can be proud of.