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My Workout Today!

Soooo good!

I walked/ran for 15 minutes (intervals…got up to 6 mph).
Got a little bummed because there were so many people in the gym and I had to do my ab stuff at home (didn’t want to get stepped on). BUT I did Blogilates’ Muffintopless, Abominable Abdominals, and her Justin Beiber challenge (don’t judge).

A total of 50 minutes. Not an hour but hey, I fatigued my abs/obliques so I reached my goal! And that’s what matters.

Now I’m having fun figuring out this bursniss. :P

I ate a little over my 1900 calories but not by much AND the only unhealthy thing I ate today was a small pack of M&Ms cookies. I did pretty damn good!

Just did this…it felt super good. My arms are more fatigued than anything though lol.